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HF-2, ISO CuPb10Sn10

This material is best suited for bushings and washers subjected to high impact and vibratory loads. In most cases it is used with high impact machinery. It operates best with hardened shaft.

  • Tin: 9-11%
  • Lead: 9-11%
  • Copper: Balance

HF-16, ISO CuPb22Sn4

High fatigue strength and shock resistance, suitable for high speed shafts, oscillating or rotating motion hard shaft desirable, normally overlay plated when used in bearing application.

  • Tin: 2-4%
  • Lead: 23-27%
  • Copper: Balance

H-24, ISO CuPb24Sn

High fatigue strength, normally platted with an overlay when used in bearing application and in this from may be operated with hard or soft shafts, susceptible to corrosion by degraded oil when not overlay plate.

  • Tin: 1.75-2.75%
  • Lead: 21-27%
  • Copper: Balance

Lead Free ROHS

Contemporary designs represent an enormous challenge to modern-day bearing materials because, frequently, zero maintenance is expected under severe to extreme conditions as well as under maximum loads. It is the first of a kind Lead free material that is used to make bushes for new generation cars which uses bushes made from Lead free content.

  • Tin: 7.2-9%
  • Nickle: 0.7-1.3%
  • Copper: Balance

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