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Quality Assurance & Quality Control

We are committed towards providing the best quality products to our esteemed Customers. Our QA Team strives hard to ensure end to end quality checks. We have a dedicated Inspection Area where the product quality gets monitored continuously according to International Standards starting from Raw material till the finished product is dispatched.

Major Tests that are carried out at various stages are mentioned below (alongwith the Instrument name):

For Measurement of Hardness Value:

  • Brinell Test
  • Rockwell Superficial Test
  • Vickers Hardness Tester

For Checking of Wall Thickness:

  • Electronic Air Guage
  • Ball Point Micrometer

Other Tests:

  • Bend Test: For copper alloy bond testing
  • OD Underload Fixture: For checking of OD value in case of Bushes and Crush height in case of bearing
  • Vernier Caliper: For checking of Length, Width, Location, ID, etc.
  • Pin Point Micrometer: For checking of groove Depth
  • Bevel Protector: For checking of angle

Research & Development

Our In-house Research & Development Team of highly experienced and dedicated Engineers are equipped with finest and latest testing equipments so that World class quality product is delivered, on time. The Team is always engaged in innovating new products and processes to cater the need and requirement of the customers. Our Team believes in continuous improvement and 100% customer satisfactions, hence, feedback from the customers are taken post the products are delivered.

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